3 Powerful Questions that Can Change Your Life Starting Today

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Today I had the opportunity to coach some of the top performing real estate agents with the United Home Group under the leadership of Southeast Regional Director Chad Hyams. The United Home Group powered by Keller Williams Realty is the largest and fastest growing real estate expansion team in the United States. The topic of our conversation for the group coaching call was Overcoming Adversity and Mental Focus.

One of the things I shared is the 3 powerful questions everyone should ask themselves daily. The 3 simple, yet powerful, questions can set anyone on a new course immediately in their business, personal life, health, Spiritual life, relationships, etc. Here are the 3 questions with a best use example.

1. What did I do well today? (I crushed it during my lead generation time and connected with 30 people.)

2. What did I do not so well today? (I did not do my follow up calls as intended.)

3. What will I do differently moving forward? (I will make sure to have on my calendar time set aside to make my follow up calls. 30 minutes in the late morning, and 30 minutes before I shut down for the day. I will color code this time on my calendar RED so that I will "stop", and make sure to follow through on my commitment to follow up.)

Question #1 focuses on the positives that are taking place in your business, life, etc. Even when things seem to be crashing in around you, there is always something good to focus on.  Question #2 is the "Reality Check" question. It is the question we don't like to ask, yet one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Folks we have to deal with the reality to be able to move forward. Question #3 is the "Redemption Question" providing a way forward that might not have been clear to you before. How do I get different in my approach? Do I need to get a little uncomfortable to experience growth? What specific task or action must take place, and by when will it happen?

As you see, these questions are simple and powerful. I encourage you to try this out, and post in the comments any thoughts you might have on this approach.  If you've read this far, cheers to you making the commitment to self improvement, and I know by using these questions, you will be able to push to and through your goals.


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