Be the Bank: Infinite Banking - With Karl Schnitzer - EP0010


Karl Schnitzer is a Realtor and Real Estate Investor from Philadelphia. Prior to Real Estate, Karl was a Police Officer in Philadelphia. During his time patrolling the City of Philadelphia, he invested in several dozen fix and flip & Rental opportunities which sparked Karl's love for Real Estate, Investing, and Entrepreneurship. After several dozen transactions, Karl realized he could represent himself and his partners as a Realtor and became a licensed Real Estate Salesperson in PA. After Karl retired from the Police Department and went into Real Estate full time, he began to grow a Real Estate sales business & team to fund his long term Real Estate investments. Karl enjoys being the Realtor his friends, family, Law Enforcement, and all of his clients can trust when making such a big decision. One of Karl's other passions inside of Real Estate is coaching beginner investors. Karl has been able to help other investors navigate the crazy world of real estate investing and land their first few streams of passive income, and he has also been able to share the unique opportunity of funding those investments with the Infinite Banking concept. 

Karl Schnitzer

City, State, Country
Philadelphia, PA

Company Name
Producers Wealth