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Monday, June 17th, 2019

I spent last week refreshing with a trip to Las Vegas with my wife while the kids were attending Summer Camp at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas. While in Las Vegas, we enjoyed several shows including: Michael Jackson One, Frederic Da Silva (Paranormal - The Mind Reading Magic Show), Absinthe, and O. The food we had was amazing though in moderation. A few of the places we went to included: Border Grill at Mandalay Bay, Gordon Ramsey Steakhouse at Paris, Mon Ami Gabi at Paris, and The Palms at Caesar's Palace. 

One thing about Las Vegas is that while everything from the naked eye looks close, the reality is that you are going to do a lot of walking. Each day, we hit 10,000 plus steps, with one day we walked a total of 23,830 steps (those were consecutive steps in 109 degree Las Vegas heat). Honestly I thought I was going today. 

With all the walking and eating properly, when I weighed in back at home, I came in at 264.2 lbs. This is down nearly 6 lbs from the previous week after bloating up from the change in diet and the addition of vitamins. So yes, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas including my 6 lbs. It also marked for me the first time to lose weight on a trip. It has not been uncommon over the years, especially when cruising, to come back 10 lbs heavier.  So cheers to turning a new leaf. 

Still a lot of work to go.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

It's been a few days since my last entry. I injured my back last week from getting out of bed. Yes, you heard this right. The simple act of raising myself from the bed caused myself to injure my back. So walking has been a bit on the back burner. Since the beginning of this week, I am feeling much better. My new vitamin regiment is still a work in progress, and at times has caused me to fill ill. Some adjustments are being made there in which it seems to help. What I am realizing is that the journey back is not going to be easy, and in fact it has been pretty damn hard. What I also realize is that I am more committed than ever before to do something about it.

So in the 90 degree plus Texas weather, last night I went to work in the yard. After approximately 2 hours of sweating out all my clothing the yard was complete. It also set me up for a round of painful Charlie horses from the depletion of electrolytes. I was sweating out everything faster than I could get it back in. After slamming 3 Gatorades, doing what looked to be a tribal war dance around the living room, and eating a couple of bananas, the pain began to subside. Just like in business, in working towards better health the process is relatively simple and not easy.

I trust if you find yourself going down the same path that you find some inspiration in my journey. Feel free to share my post on social media to help reach others that may need to hear this right now.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Today marks a special day. My wife and I celebrate our 17th Anniversary. Today is also the start of the Memorial Day weekend. For those that have served, currently serving, or have paid the ultimate price defending our country, my thoughts are focused on the importance of what this weekend represents.

Yesterday, after a few weeks of anticipation, I received back my results from my CardioMetabolic and Micronutrient panels. I knew the results were not going to be great, and I had prepared myself for the reality of neglecting my health. What I did find is that the results also were not as bad as they could be, and now I am armed with the data to begin making strategic changes to assist me in the path of better health.

The panel found that the following micronutrients were out of whack: Vitamin B2, Pantothenate, Carnitine, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Zinc, Copper, and Magnesium. Chris Mutz, DC with Integrative Chiropractic PLLC spent over 2 hours (all from the comfort of my home via video chat) walking me through both panels, how they were interlinked, and how the health issues I am having can be directly linked to the deficiencies in various micronutrients. When is the last time your doctor sat down to cover your blood work in such detail. If you're looking to do something similar, I highly recommend connecting with Chris at 713-340-8248. I learned a lot in our consultation over the results.

Chris also set me up on a treatment plan to increase the micronutrient deficiencies through supplementation along with a suggested diet plan consisting of 198 grams of protein, 111 grams of fat, and 278 grams of carbohydrates with a total calorie count of 2903.

Going through the process of the blood panels made me realize that underlying factors which we can't see can have some of the biggest impacts in our health. One of the areas I lacked was in the development of leptin; a hormone released from fat tissues which signal the hypothalamus in the brain the sense of being full. Having less leptin production means that I don't necessarily feel full, and is one of the reasons I over eat. Chris was blowing my mind with how all this stuff is interlinked. I highly recommend him if your seeking similar services.

So today armed with new information about how to get healthy, I have hope and Faith that better days in this area of my life are coming. The picture today is me wrapping up yard work in the hot summer sun. Lawn work alone equated for over 8,000 steps towards my daily 10,000 goal. It is small actions that overtime will add up to big results. Slow and steady wins.


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