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As a Business Coach, and in previous leadership and sales positions over the years, I've had the opportunity to use several different types of SaaS products (software as a service) to assist in running my roles and current business with the upmost efficiencies and customization. I am not afraid to say the G Suite is the best product on the market right now for your business. The power of G Suite is found in the apps including: GMAIL, Drive, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Slides, Chat, Meet, Google+, Sites, Contacts, Groups, YouTube, Maps, News, Google Ads, Photos, Translate, Vault, Cloud Search, Admin, Hangouts, Forms, Keep, Jamboard, Earth, and Collections. This blog post will dive deeper into some of the powerful tools offered by G Suite.

In this post, I will share with you why I use Google Suite, and why I encourage all my clients to use it.  I will also compare and contrast it with other SaaS products on the market for small business owners. Let's dive in.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is an integrated suite of secure, cloud-based applications that provides the opportunity for collaboration and productivity powered by Google's artificial intelligence (AI).  Most only know of G Suite for custom domain email hosting, yet G Suite provides an array of applications that create efficiencies and greater productivity whether a single sole proprietor or a thriving team. For someone ready to level up their business. G Suite is a step in the right direction.

G Suite was first released by Google on August 28th, 2006 as Google Apps for your domain. 

Features I Most Often Use on a Daily Basis

G Suite offers three different solutions for the business owner of today including Basic, Business, and Enterprise. While for a solo entrepreneur, you can get by with the Basic package at $6 per user a month, my recommendation would be to start out with business. The biggest benefit to G Suite Business for $12 per user a month is it provides unlimited storage and archiving. Only if you are growing a massive business would you need to consider Enterprise at $25 a month per user. For the type of clients I coach through my business, Red Hawk Coaching, my recommendation would be G Suite Business.


GMAIL is a cloud-based product that can be used while online, or you also may use it through third-party applications that sync through IMAP or POP protocols. GMAIL provides a search-oriented "conversation view" similar to what you might see in your typical online forums. Google automatically scans mail servers for malware and spam leaving your inbox less cluttered, and also gives you as the end user the ability to build custom filters to specify customized rules for particular emails. One of the benefits of investing in G Suite, is that unlike basic GMAIL accounts that context-sensitive ads within your inbox, you will experience an ad-free verision with G Suite.

I often recommend to my clients and customers to spend time getting familiar with Advanced settings. Google developed Advanced settings in G Suite to allow the end-user to utilize special features. It is your ability to customize you GMAIL experience. One of my favorites is "Canned Responses (Templates)". This tool gives you the ability to create templates around the content you share most often. Talk about getting efficient.

Subscribing to G Suite allows each of your clients to have their own email associated with your business domain name (example: [email protected]). You may be able to skirt having to invest in G Suite by setting up forwarding and aliases, and trust me, you don't want to do this as a business owner especially if you have employees or staff. Investing in G Suite gives you better control, management, and most importantly, security of your business communication.


 I love Google Calendar, and I attribute a majority of my business success to this powerful tool. The reason I make this claim is that I establish my goals, determine the actions necessary to reach those goals, and then I time block those activities on my Google Calendar. Utilizing the Google apps from your mobile device's app store, you can download the Google Calendar app (as well as any of the other Google apps) and stay perfectly synced. If something is on my calendar, I never miss it.

If you have other employees or staff members, G Suite gives you the ability to control and share multiple calendars with set permissions. With everyone connected, it is now easy to communicate with others meetings, events, appointments and more. Get your schedule organized today, and subscribe to G Suite.


Google Drive

Google Drive was launched on April 24th, 2012 as a cloud based file storage and synchronization system. You are able to store your files in the cloud, and then share them across multiple devices, and you are able to share files with others. Google Drive also offers apps with offline capabilities both for Windows and macOS computers along with Android and iOS smartphone devices. With the Basic G Suite package, you would be limited to 30GB of storage, while choosing G Suite Business (which I recommend), or Enterprise, you will have unlimited storage.

One of the features I like most is the search ability for the documents you create in Google Drive. Not only can you search by the file name, you can also search by the content in the document. It helps you find the information most important to you and your business quickly. While I opt on the side of maintaining organization of your files and folders in Google Drive, having this nifty search feature comes in handy for those not so organized. You can also set up Google Drive as a folder on your computer. This makes it easy to drag and drop files from your desktop right into Google Drive. Now you have access to information important to you via all devices. 

Google Docs and Google Sheets

Think of Google Docs and Google Sheets as Microsoft's versions of Word and Excel. If you are working with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, you import those files into Google Drive without losing their native format. Google has designed the products to work with most third-party formats. This makes sharing documents easy, and will also prevent you from purchasing additional software that can increase your costs as a business owner.

In addition, Google Docs and Google Sheets does not count towards your G Suite storage limit, though if you have Business or Enterprise, storage is not a concern.

My favorite is the real-time commenting and revisions that can be done on the fly with a team of people. These features are truly collaborate, cloud based, and allow you to work on the go. Both sharing and securing your documents is as easy as making the decision to eat ice cream. Make document creation and sharing easy, get G Suite today.

G Suite Admin

G Suite's Admin gives you unmatched security and control of your business.  If you run a team, easily add new users and/or group, manage devices and access, setup 2 step authentication, add custom domains for your business (which can be added to GMAIL), and much more.

You get to decide what other users on your team have access to through admin settings. You are in control. If you want unmatched security and control of an SaaS product, get G Suite today.

In Conclusion

If your looking for a SaaS product for your business that provides security, control, ability to connect across devices, for document creation and presentations, offers the ability to collaborate and share real-time, is built on search (and Google is the king of search), and is developed and supported by a company that is always innovating to create the solutions of tomorrow for all business owners, I highly recommend you make the investment in your business, and subscribe to G Suite services today.

Jeremy Williams, Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching has been providing coaching services for business owners since 2010. With over 10,000 hours booked of coaching, training, consulting, and mentoring, Jeremy has helped 100's of business owners in both personal development and business growth and productivity. For more information about Jeremy's one-on-one coaching opportunities, visit Red Hawk Coaching, or call him directly at 281-37-7689.


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