Why Hire Me as Your Coach

Having been leadership roles in some of the most challenging and bountiful markets, my contributions and experienced gained is now an available resource for you as a Broker/Leader in your office. My coaching style will get you, the growth-oriented leader, the results desired.

Make More Money Attracting Talent

The ONE thing that will drive the income of any brokerage is attracting productive real estate agents to your office. In one of my leadership roles in a period of slightly more than a year, I set 352 attraction appointments, conducted 42 career fairs, and presented 30 informational meetings at local real estate schools resulting in the addition of 108 agents to an office. In my coaching sessions with you, I will share my insight and strategies gained over the years that can help you in achieving next-level results. If you're not growing your office consistently, you're dying. Hire me to help you create a plan for growth.

Retain Your Agents

Making more money starts with recruiting, and recruiting will only help your growth if you retain the agents in your office. I will share with you strategies that focus on deepening the relationships with your current agents, give you the tools to help your agents in the area of self-improvement (a productive agent is a happy agent), and to coach on strategies that will make your office a place agents never want to leave. A retention approach also is a growth tool. Your agents will love you, love your brokerage, and they will bring to you top talent. Start closing the backdoor and reducing lost opportunity cost by using my strategies to grow and retain your agents in your office.

Build a Culture of Productivity

In my personal experience and results, growth is highly dependent on whether or not you have a culture of productivity. Coaching real estate agents since 2010, I can share with you how to develop and grow a culture of productivity. A producing agent is a happy agent, and an incredible asset to your brokerage. Learn in our coaching sessions what are the building blocks for this type of culture. Your focus in the area will get you to the next level in building a productive and producing real estate brokerage. I can help you get there by sharing what has been successful, and coaching you on the pitfalls to avoid on your journey to creating a profitable and successful brokerage.

Build a Better You

The magic sauce of coaching is working with you through various coaching models that help you get to a better YOU! Everything rises and falls on leadership. I will share with you the good, bad, and the ugly in my personal growth experiences to provide you a fast track to results. I will challenge you to break old habits, and to develop new, powerful habits that will propel you to greater things. Coaching is not for the non-committed. If your ready to say no to average, no to being mediocre, and yes to being the best you can be, I can help you get there. Having coached and trained individuals for more than 10,000 hours since 2010, I am confident in my ability to get you to the next level. 

One-on-One Coaching for Real Estate Brokers and Office Managers

Jeremy Williams spent several years in leadership roles with some of the largest real estate brokerages that ranked not only in the Greater Houston area, and also nationally. Jeremy brings to the coaching relationship his experience that will help you make more money, retain your agents at a higher percentage, build a culture of productivity, and to focus on a mindset to build a better YOU! Get signed up today, and have Red Hawk Coaching in your corner.


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