A Lesson in Branding by Nathan Owner of UnspeakableGaming

Mar 18, 2019

Yesterday, my son and I attended the McDonald's Grand Opening in Kingwood, Texas. McDonald's had been impacted by the flood waters of Harvey in August of 2017, which required a complete tear down and rebuild of the site. The primary reason we attended is that McDonald's had a special guest to sign autographs, Nathan, owner of UnspeakableGaming. What I noticed looking through the eyes of a coach is the superb job of branding done by Nathan. (Checkout the UnspeakableGaming YouTube Channel) It got me asking the following questions about business owners.

  1. Does the business have a brand?
  2. What does the brand communicate to clients and customers?
  3. Does the business brand tell a story?
  4. When someone sees the brand, do they connect on an emotional level?
  5. How are business owners communicating their brand to a targeted audience?

If you're business does not have a brand, as a business coach I highly recommend developing one. Use your personalized brand to tell your story, and to connect with...

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Coaching Lessons Found at 2018 Minefaire in Houston, Texas

May 22, 2018

This last weekend, I took my son to the 2018 Official Minecraft Community Event - Mainfaire at the NRG Center in Houston, Texas. At first I thought to myself "nerdfest", and that by attending this event with my son, it covered my responsibilities of raising him for the next year. I am a person that studies behavior and learns through observance, and what I discovered was I was smack dab in the middle of my next coaching case study. In the end, I had a greater appreciation of the "gamer" community, and I realized in the end Minecraft is one beautifully executed business. 

UnspeakableGaming, his real name Nathan, currently has 4.6 million viewers. So what you need to realize is that these individuals capitalize on the number of eyeballs that view their videos, and how they capitalize is through ad placement by major companies that benefit from the marketing associated with the videos. More views, more money. His estimated net worth according to one site on the internet, and we...

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