Mistakes are Opportunities | Keep Moving Forward

Mar 26, 2019

I was watching American Idol last night as contestants that made it through the auditions to Hollywood went back before the judges. One of the contestants was singing Chris Stapleton's, Broken Halo. The guy was crushing it vocally, and after singing the chorus forgot the words. You could see the devastation on his face not only in the disappointment of the mistake he made, and once off stage mentioned how he let his family down.

The point I am attempting to make is that we all make mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others, and Lord knows I could fill a bucket with the mistakes I've made. We are human. What needs to happen is a shift in mindset from working to understand how things would be different if the mistake had not happened, and instead what can we learn through experiencing the mistake to help us down the road. Mistakes are simply opportunities to do things better.

I don't know what happened as a result of the mistake the American Idol contestant made last night on...

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