Coach Jeremy Williams Speaks on the Importance of Making an Attempt

Often times I hear others say that something is too hard, and that they will not pursue that opportunity because the outcome is not possible. My first question as a coach is to ask that person if they've ever made an attempt? See if you don't make an attempt at doing something, you truly don't know whether or not it is possible. This type of attitude and approach to life is that of a victim. You might just surprise yourself by the outcome if, and only if, you take action. Take small actions can lead to smaller results, or the results you want to happen over a longer period of time. Take BIG, MASSIVE ACTION, and be prepared to watch mountains move.

Today, be encouraged, know that the only person that can limit your possibilities is you. Don't say that something will not work in your business if you've not made the attempt. Be Blessed in your business today.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams

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