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When you're in a sales business, the most important thing you can be doing as the leader in your business is lead generation. It is The ONE Thing! The power of choice comes into play daily around the topic of lead generation. You may decide either to do, or not to do lead generation. Now let's say you choose not to lead generation. What are you really saying to yourself? You are saying that lead generation is not important to you and the future of your business. A follow up question you should ask yourself in this instance is, what is it costing me (my family, my friends, my church, the organizations I give to, etc.) to choose not to lead generate?

The great thing about choice is that it is 100% in your control. You can choose to set yourself on a different path, and commit to the activity that will drive your business. I trust this will encourage you this day. Make the choice to do what is most important. This not only applies in our business, it applies to our personal life,...

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A RockStar Perspective on Team Building with Rick Raanes Texas RockStar Group Powered by eXp Realty

On June 25th, 2018 at 2:00 pm Central, Jeremy Williams will host and interview Rick Raanes of The Texas RockStar Group powered by eXp Realty. Rick Raanes and his team were recently recognized as #16 on the Houston Business Journal's top teams under 10 members list. He will be sharing his perspective and experiences building a successful team.

This event sponsored by Jeremy Williams of JPW Business Consulting will be FREE. Register today to save your spot. There are only 100 available for this special event. Why would you not want to learn from one of the top real estate agents in the industry? Register today.

Jeremy Williams, owner of JPW Business Consulting LLC, provides one-on-one coaching for real estate agents and small businesses, and he also provides group coaching opportunities for real estate agents. Learn more today.

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