Sergio A. Garcia of Ankh Services Hires Small Business Coach Jeremy Williams

Jun 01, 2020

I am honored and excited to announce the newest member of my Inner Circle. My Inner Circle is for the elite business owner that has chosen to invest in themselves and their business by hiring me as their coach. Please join me in celebrating in this decision to hire Coach Jeremy Williams by Sergio A. Garcia, Owner of Ankh Services based in Austin, Texas. Ankh Services was created to bring well-being to families served through financial tools and education.

To inquire about the services Sergio provides, you can connect with him at 512-655-2205 or email [email protected].

About Sergio Garcia

Sergio A. Garcia is the Founder of Ankh Services. With a Bachelor of Architecture from a prestigious university in Monterrey, Mexico, and graduate studies on International Relations in Paris, France, Sergio developed a 20-year professional practice before breaking into the Insurance Services industry.

Sergio’s ability to build trust and personal relationships is a key strength...

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Craig Covey Owner of Covey Insurance in Humble Texas Hires Business Coach Jeremy Williams

Sep 25, 2019

I am honored and excited to announce that Craig Covey, owner of Covey Insurance made the decision to hire me as his business coach. We've already had a couple of great conversations leading up to his decision, and I can't wait for our future conversations together. Craig shared with me several stories where he was able to have a big impact with his clients. I could feel the passion in his voice about how important it is for him to be there for his clients. Next Tuesday, the journey begins.

Who is Craig Covey?

My name is Craig Covey and I have been an insurance agent since 2005. I was drawn to insurance by my want to help people. The options I had to help people were good ones, but this one I chose because I felt that I could help the most. I knew that I found what I love to do as we went through Hurricane Ike and then again last year with Hurricane Harvey.

I am about to celebrate 20 years of marriage with my wife and we have 2 great kids, Nick who is off to college...

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