The 7 Problems Real Estate Agents are Looking to Solve as Business Owners | A Coach's Perspective

Jun 20, 2019

This morning, I had eXp Realty LLC agent, Darren Sager based out of New Jersey reach out to me and ask what are the 7 common problems real estate agents are looking to solve as a business owners from my perspective as a coach. While this question can be challenging and a case by case basis with the number of real estate agents in the industry, there are some patterns that rise to the surface. These 7 common problems that I will address below are exactly the reason every agent should hire a coach, find their tribe, and engage in training that brings value to their business.

7 Problems Real Agents are Looking to Solve as Business Owners

  1. What lead generation method(s) do I engage in to grow my business? Without leads an agent will not have a business, and depending on their financial stability this can place an agent into a predicament of being out of the business almost as soon as they get in. I've often seen stats that show 80% that enter the industry will be out in a period of 6...
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Interview with Lindsey Smithson, Buyer's Agent with the Callahan Real Estate Group powered by Keller Williams Realty Northeast

Jul 03, 2018

I was honored to have the opportunity today to interview Lindsey Smithson, Buyer's Agent with the Callahan Real Estate Group led by Bobbie Callahan and powered by Keller Williams Realty Northeast. I got the opportunity to dive deep with Lindsey on what it means to be a buyer's agent on a mega agent team. 

Learn more about what being a buyer's agent means for those in the industry seeking to be in that particular role, or what it means as a consumer to hire a buyer's agent (a specialist) when purchasing a home.

To learn more about the group coaching opportunities offered specifically for real estate agents, or one-on-one coaching for real estate agents and small business owners, visit my website today, or connect with me at 281-387-7689.

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