How Much Time Do You Have to Reach Your 2018 Personal and Business Goals

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I stepped into my office this morning ready to engage with my coaching clients when I realized we were starting a new month. Folks it is already August which means you have this much time left to achieve or crush your goals:

  • 153 Days
  • 13,219,200 Seconds
  • 220,320 Minutes
  • 3,762 Hours
  • 21 Weeks and 6 Days
  • 41.92% of the Year Left

As a coach, I would like you to take a moment to work on your business instead of in your business. Slow down for just a minute to evaluate the following by asking yourself:

  1. Where am I at today in relation to my annual goals?
  2. What activities do I need to be engaging in at this point in the year to achieve or surpass my goals?
  3. What is creating interference in my life and business to hinder the achievement of my goals?
  4. What will I be willing to change to overcome the interference?
  5. Who is supporting me in my efforts?
  6. Who am I sharing with to create accountability beyond myself?
  7. If I'm off goal, how should I readjust accordingly?
  8. Do I find myself comfortable and not working with intention?
  9. If I am not being intentional, what was the initial passion that got me started in this business? Go back and visit.
  10. Who can coach me through all these questions and set me on the right path? Answer: Jeremy Williams with Red Hawk Coaching.

Now that you've answered these questions, go forth, be productive, and finish the year strong. The countdown for 2019 has begun!

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