Where Are You Placing Your Energy?

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In coaching conversations, I am often asked questions about dealing with competition. Hear my personal thoughts in the video above. The questions are similar to the following:

  1. Why are they having success, and I am not?
  2. What do I need to be doing to beat them?
  3. How come they are doing better than me?
  4. They are deceptive....

The questions may vary from the above, yet they follow the same line of thinking of someone that may have a victim mentality; especially questions that start with WHY. Why do people choose to take the energy in their life and business and focus on their "competition"? What would happen if that energy was focused on developing your business? What are the possibilities? Are they really competition? No because at the end of the day, your "competition", and those having success, are not thinking about you. 

We live in a big world, and you are created to be unique. What are you doing to build your personal empire? What if you dumped the energy that you would be losing to misdirected focus, and be 100% present with your business? How much further down the road would you be not worrying about how people are operating around you? Be who you need to be remaining in alignment with your goals and values, and then go take action.

I trust this will get you thinking a little differently about your "competition", which in the end is you. Go make things happen today in a BIG way.

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Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
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