What is the Value of a Content Marketing Specialist?

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What is the value of a content marketing specialist, and why should it matter to you? You know you need to create valuable and relevant content to engage your readers, build relationships, and drive traffic to your website. But you just. aren’t. getting. it. done. Why? Maybe you loathe writing content. Or maybe the content you write isn’t interesting or valuable to your audience. Here’s where the value of this kind of specialist matters to you and your real estate business.

What is a Content Marketing Specialist?

First, what is a content marketing specialist? They are creative visionaries with a passion for the success of their clients’ businesses. What you read in blog posts, social media posts, website pages, etc. is created by a content marketing specialist.

What Do They Do?

Create content, it’s what they do. They create new, relevant, engaging, and valuable content that drives traffic to your website. And the more traffic your site receives the more leads and increase in page ranking it gets.

How Do They Do It?

A content marketer works through the following basic steps to create content that gets you the traffic you’re looking for:

  1. Research a relevant topic
  2. Gather up-to-date facts and information
  3. Create a magnetic headline
  4. Choose a high-ranking keyword or keyword phrase
  5. Develop an informative and engaging body of content
  6. Write a powerful call to action

What Value Do They Provide?

A content marketing specialist is an expert in content creation. It’s their area of specialization. They create content day in and day out. Therefore, they get it done with proficiency and excellence.

This enables you to:

  • Pay only for the time they spend on writing your content
  • Focus your time on doing what you’re great at

How to Put a Content Marketing Specialist to Work for You

Consistent content that engages your readers, builds relationships, and drives traffic to your website is important to your real estate business growth. Without it, you won’t retain your current clients or increase your website traffic, which generates leads.

You may be posting regular content on your website. And it may be getting read a little, too. But you need more. What you need is content that is valuable and useful to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Put a content marketing specialist to work for you today. Delegate the creation of your content. Contact Rockin’ Robin Virtual Assistance at (307) 631-1867 or schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to move your business in a profitable direction!

Written by Rockin' Robin Carter