Are You Struggling with Feelings of Defeat? Today's a New Day

February 6th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Are you experiencing defeat? Have you had that feeling that the dice just aren’t rolling your way? I know I’ve had this feeling many times over my professional career. The desire to hit it out of the park, crush the goals, and experience that satisfaction of having success can immediately be trampled upon by the world.

Here is the reality. You’re not alone. If you have this feeling, you’re human. One of the greatest challenges I believe in our current time is social media. Everyone only post the things that make them feel or look good. It is fake. Behind those photos and posts are broken people. I know it, and experience it daily in conversations.

You may be thinking...hey, Jeremy, stop being a jerk, you’re raining on my day. No, I don’t want to do that, and I want you to be aware that even those at the top of their game have issues. So how do you get your mindset right around this. How do you overcome that feeling of defeat?

I believe it is to stop worrying about what others are doing and accomplishing, and to get focused on what you need to get done to level up. I often say to my coaching clients, “Stay in your lane”. Everything else is only a distraction, and you’re allowing that interference to impede your mindset. Set your goals, and goals bring clarity to the next step. Clarity is power.

Build a plan, and then work the plan. Measure the results. Adjust and attack. Will it always work, and the answer is no. Adjust and don’t give up. Taking action will always be greater than standing still in thought.

If you’re experiencing that sense of defeat today, I want you to declare victory through taking action on your plan. Do those things that are most important to driving your business. Get rid of the distractions. Also be intentional in the actions you take. Taking action alone will not solve your problem. Be a business person of purpose.

What if you’re unsure on what actions to take? Ask me about coaching. I invite you to that conversation. I help people everyday elevate their thinking and actions. I can help you see the things that you can’t see in your thinking and habits. Coaching is an engagement into deeper level conversations that can change your entire path.

Don’t feel defeated today. Do something about it. If hiring a coach is a next step solution, reach out. The only person that can make that decision is you.

Cheers to having a great business and living out a great life.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams


Posted by: Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching.

Red Hawk Coaching provides one-on-one coaching services for real estate agents and small businesses, and Coach Jeremy Williams also provides group coaching for real estate agents with the desire to close 12 - 24 transactions in the next 12 months. Red Hawk Coaching also provides BROKER/Office Manager coaching for individuals in leadership roles responsible for growing a brokerage/office. With over 10,000 hours of booked coaching sessions and training, let Jeremy help you build a great business while living out a great life. Learn more about Jeremy by visiting Red Hawk Coaching, or call Jeremy today at 281-387-7689 or [email protected].

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