Stop Worrying About Others, It's Time to Soar

Stop Worrying About Others It's Time to Soar

One of the 7 Success Strategies that I share in my book Survive Scale Soar is to stop worrying about others.

“So and so is doing this, and so and so is achieving that, and I wish that is where my business was today.”

Have you experienced this type of thinking? To say you haven’t just isn’t true, and you and I have had those thoughts at one point or another in our business journey. While it is important to understand our competition, it can become a disadvantage to our business when what others do dominates our thinking. If you’re finding yourself consumed by this type of thinking, stop! It does not serve you well, the business well, and the important relationships around you. 

If you were coaching with me, I would say, “focus on your goal and activities”. Any other way of thinking will distract you from your goal and activities. When you don’t stay focused, your goal will move farther away. 

Remember, the greatest competition you will ever face is yourself including the way you think and the habits you form. If you’re going to spend time and energy on something, focus on your thinking and habits. While habits may take time and a considerable amount of effort to change, you can change your thinking immediately. Your new thoughts will set you up to feel differently about yourself and take new actions thus achieving new results.

Today, keep your “competition” in the rearview mirror, and focus on what you need to get done. Stop worrying about others, and what they may think about you and your business. The reality is those thoughts are oftentimes made up stories you tell yourself. The “competition” is not necessarily sitting around thinking about your next move.

Now, it’s time to get to work. Focus on your plan and schedule today, and stop worrying about others.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy 


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