Stop Compartmentalizing Your Life and Business

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One of the things I've worked to deconstruct over the last few years when I made the decision to launch my coaching business is the mindset that everything is compartmentalized. Business is business. Life is life. Church is church. Health is health. You get the idea.

When I was working out in the gym this morning, thinking on my health goals, and they are big, it made me think about how everything is interlinked. You can't put things into boxes. It just doesn't work.

For example, working out improves my health, and improving my health gives me the energy I need to help more people in my business. Having better health helps me physically keep up with my kid's activities, and in some cases participate in those activities. I've still have to throw a football 40 yards to my son that wants to see me throw it deep to him. Having better health is important to the relationship with my wife to grow old together with God willing the best health possible.

These are just a few examples of how one area pours into another. Everything works together. This seems to be intuitive, yet I've been exposed to training and coaching over the years that has been on the path of separating work, life, and other aspects of life. You can't. You are human. You have feelings and emotions. You throw into the mix your personal relationships, Spirituality, business, health, and personal life (Read the book The ONE Thing), you will find these all touch one another to some extent. You can't put them in boxes.

If you are working to put different aspects of life into boxes, stop. You are putting undue pressure on yourself, and in doing so probably impacting negatively the areas of personal relationships, Spirituality, business, health, and personal life. Enjoy the journey and the beauty of both the ups and downs. It's growth lived out.


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