Stop Buying Into the [email protected]#$ of Assessments

February 25th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

With several conversations I've had in the last few months with business people, and my own personal experience over the years, I thought I would share my perspective on assessments. I believe if used properly as a tool to create conversation they can be useful, yet to use them as an end-all-be-all for decision making purposes can be quite dangerous. Bottom line, the results of an assessment should not be the box you work and live in. Remember this is someone else telling you what they think of your personality, behavior, etc. without ever having a conversation with you. You know yourself better than an assessment. Simply put, used in this way, they are [email protected]#$%.

You know you. Just do you! Be authentic with yourself, and trust who you were created to be...GREAT and UNIQUELY you.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams


Posted by: Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching.

Red Hawk Coaching provides one-on-one coaching services for real estate agents and small businesses, and Coach Jeremy Williams also provides group coaching for real estate agents with the desire to close 12 - 24 transactions in the next 12 months. Red Hawk Coaching also provides BROKER/Office Manager coaching for individuals in leadership roles responsible for growing a brokerage/office. With over 10,000 hours of booked coaching sessions and training, let Jeremy help you build a great business while living out a great life. Learn more about Jeremy by visiting Red Hawk Coaching, or call Jeremy today at 281-387-7689 or [email protected].

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