Steph Curry | "The Drake Curse" | Being Self-Made | A Discussion with Coach Jeremy Williams

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I hear a lot of people on social media and other forms of media tout that they are self-made. They wear it like a badge of honor, and no one can tell them any different. The story usually consists of living a life presented with no opportunities, no support, and through grit and grind clawed their way to success. I don't believe this to be true. I do believe the hard work, taking action, and commitment to being the best one can be at their craft. What I mean by no one is self-made is that we all have a supporting cast whether visible or behind the scenes. I use the example of last night's game, game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors.

Steph Curry shot the lights out with 47 points in Game 3, yet the Golden State Warriors still lost. See it does not matter how great Steph Curry is as an athlete, even with his heroic efforts, he could not take his team to victory. See I believe victory, even in the eyes of Steph, is not being crowned MVP. I believe he sees victory as his team holding the trophy. That victory is not self-made. The only way it happens is by his efforts combined with the efforts of his supporting cast. Unfortunately his main supporting cast has been out with injuries including Kevin Durant, Kevon Looney, and Klay Thompson. With those individuals out, despite Steph playing his best ball, they had no chance to beat the Raptors last night. 

See Steph is not self-made. He has refined his skills over years with time on task over time, yet despite all this effort, it still comes down to the supporting cast. Who is your supporting cast in your business? Is your supporting cast visible or behind the scenes? Are you engaging with the right supporting cast? Everyone has a supporting cast at some level, and stop claiming to be self-made. If you don't have a supporting cast, find one, and then watch your business grow. Take a look at where you are in your journey. Who influenced your thoughts along the way (this may even be what you've read and studied in books)? Who gave you an opportunity? What doors opened that you stepped through, and who opened those doors? 

I trust this helps people realize at some level the importance of who they are surrounded by in business. Do these individuals build or tear down relationships? Do these individuals add or suck energy from you? Do these individuals add to the financials or break down your business? We must acknowledge we are not self-made, and the right people, at the right time come in and out of our lives.

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