Start Deleting Your Facebook Friends

I have cleaned up my personal Facebook page over the last couple of days. What I realized is I did not know most of the people in my news feed. This article provides an interesting perspective.
Read this article from Make Use Of.
I utilized a tool that sped the process of cleaning up my list, and it may have automatically knocked some folks off my page since it was choosing by engagement level.
What I've noticed today is everyone in my personal feed I know. Some that have not showed up in my feed in sometime are showing back up. #4 in the article was the one that I saw the most. I can't lie #5 also played a role in the removal of a few.
What are your thoughts on getting smaller and deeper in your social media relationships vs. wider and shallower? How might going smaller help you go bigger as a small business owner?
Do I have the answer? No. Am I willing to try different things? Yes.

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