Small Wins are Stackable

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Small wins stack to make BIG wins.

It amazes me when everyone is looking simply for the BIG wins whether it is in business or life. It's like stepping up to the roulette table and putting everything on black. It's the all or nothing approach with the desire to win big in one all-out attempt.

What if you took a step back and evaluated and reflected on the small wins that happen when you are intentional and consistent with your activities. I believe what you would find in hindsight is that where you are today is a result of several small wins over time. What if you shifted your mindset that today your focus would be to accomplish a small win/goal, and then tomorrow you would repeat the same thing. Over time you would experience progress, and I would dare say progress that is significant.

This approach can be applied to building a business, weight loss, changing and developing a better habit, Spiritual development, etc. This approach takes the stress off you needing black to hit on the roulette table. In my personal life, the small wins have meant more and produced the greatest results over the BIG wins. Sure BIG wins are nice, and small wins are stackable to BIG and BIGGER wins over time.

Go get yourself a small win today, and then repeat the process tomorrow.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams


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