Small Things Matter Most Just Ask a Ladybug

Small Things Matter Most Just Ask a Ladybug Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams

The small things that happen in your business matter.

What would happen if ladybugs became extinct? Studies have shown that pest control for crops would decrease significantly. One ladybug can eat nearly 5,000 aphids, and they will also feed on spider mites and the eggs of corn borers. Ladybugs reduce the amount of insecticide needed to protect crops. A ladybug, though small, has an immense impact on the entire ecosystem.

How does this relate to your real estate business? Length of option period matters. The Third Party Financing addendum matters. Whether it flooded or not matters? Is the property  properly inspected? The process matters, and oftentimes the small things can matter the most.

No matter the size or weight you place on a certain aspect of the contract. The things you might consider having the smallest weight in the end will have the biggest impact for the client.

I believe we have gotten to a place in the world where there is greater emphasis on the bigger things that happen throughout the process and the end goal. What we've gotten away from is paying attention to the small things.

Someone posted yesterday, "How can you sum up 2021 in one sentence?" While most commented in a political manner, my comment was 2021 was the beginning of the separation of the wheat and the chaff. How are top agents separating themselves from the chaff? I believe it is the attention given to the small things.

The small things have the greatest impact. Just ask a ladybug.


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