Small Business Habits are Like Dental Hygiene

Small Business Habits are Like Dental Hygiene Small Business and Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Survive Scale Soar

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching

I had my teeth cleaned today. It has been something that has become habitual, every 6 months, since getting married. Before that…another story.

It got me thinking about business. What if you got habitual with an activity that you just never missed, and this activity specifically drove the success of your business? Treat it just like a teeth cleaning, right?

Think about it. If I were not to get my teeth cleaned twice a year, I am setting myself up for cavities or worse. The follow up appointments to get back to maintenance only will be costly and potentially painful. Lack of care might even derail oral health leading to the dreaded root canal and crown. It makes me quiver to think about it.

In business, what happens when you don’t stay habitual about lead generation? What would happen if you were not habitual about maintaining your team’s culture through action and word with your team? What would happen if you stopped being habitual about following your schedule?

Like the results that come with not being habitual with your oral care, not being habitual with the key activities in your business can derail you…possibly sink you.

The flip side is if you get habitual with the activities in your business, the intentional activities that drive your business, great things will happen.

Moral: Get habitual. Clean your teeth. Be intentional about the activities that drive your business every day.

Me: A sigh of relief for the good news that came from the cleaning today. No cavities and healthy gums.


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