Sharing Losses and Being Vulnerable on Social Media is Not the Right Marketing Strategy

Sharing Losses and Being Vulnerable on Social Media May Not be the Right MoveJeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Top Real Estate Coach Small Business Coach

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching

There are some things I hear often in a world influenced by social media and “thought leaders” of all types.

Be more vulnerable.

Share not only your wins, and also share your losses.

Sharing your failures only makes you stronger.

Only sharing your successes makes you fake because it’s not reality.

Here is the perspective I’ve grown into over the years.

Be more vulnerable, yet be vulnerable with the right people. Not everyone on social media wants to hear about your struggles as they are probably dealing with their own. I also truly believe this feeds the ”it’s all about me” culture. People will “support” this individual with likes and comments reinforcing the thought that social media is the appropriate format for sharing their struggles. Find those you are close to that are open to these type of conversations. This is not addressed by the masses rather by the few.

Share your wins and not your losses. As for me, I find it more important to share my wins. Wins lead to wins. Wins will motivate and lead others to greater things. Winning is a mindset. Sure I have losses…all the time, yet my energy is not spent there to rehash them with the world. A loss doesn’t motivate a win. Instead I choose to focus on what works, and then I emphasize what it took to achieve that goal. I encourage others not to make time for the losses. Take the lesson and move forward.

Sharing your losses does not make you stronger. Again it is how time and energy are spent. It is about mindset, and everything starts with your mindset. Time given to one thing means time taken from another, and unless you and I can defy time, I know how I’m choosing to spend mine. I believe sharing losses in its own way perpetuates the thoughts and feelings around that loss, and those thoughts and feelings can lead to taking the wrong actions.

Only sharing your wins is fake and not reality. Trust me, the wins are just as real as the losses, and it is a matter of how you want to use your time on this earth and the impact you desire to make. Winning and showing others how to win will bring more people along with you on the journey.

Losses are real, yet I think there are some not so healthy things that occur when sharing them on social media takes place. Find your five that you can share and be vulnerable with that will support and provide accountability when necessary.

Now go forth into the world today and win. Remember even small wins are stackable, and let’s share with each other the wins in our life.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

Sounds like winning to me.


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