Remove the Friction from Your Marketing

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Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching

Normally, I don't move through a book this fast, and I picked this one up yesterday, and I've nearly finished it.

Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption by Jeff Rosenblum and Jordan Berg provides a fascinating insight to brands and consumers in this digital age.

This paragraph jumped out to me this morning on page 162.

"You're not cheating on your career when you're with your family. You're not cheating on your career when you are exercising or learning a new skill. In fact, what you're doing is managing your career, because you're enabling your brain to be healthy, which will put you at peak performance."

Give yourself some grace today, and take time with that which is ultimately most important, and by doing so, you will set yourself up for peak performance.

How does the paragraph above hit you today?


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