A Message for Real Estate Agents - Stop Overpaying for Coaching

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Real estate agents need to stop overpaying for coaching. I see it everyday, and I at one time was a "cog in the wheel". The two areas I see the greatest violations is in group and one-on-one coaching.

Group coaching is typically offered in brokerages as a don't pay me now, you can pay me later type of scenario. Agents sign contracts that can range 6 - 12 months in length paying out 5% - 10% of their commissions back to the coach. Overtime this can add up to $1,000s. Brokerages behind the curtains make a very small investment into their coaches banking on the coach generating a salary through commissions collected. A self-sustaining model, that allows the broker owners to be more profitable. In other words, the cost of having a coach provided in an office is passed to the agents.

In the one-on-one coaching scenario, programs for weekly coaching can start at a $1,000 a month for a 12 month commitment. What most coaching clients don't know is that a large portion of that fee goes back to the over arching organization. I've seen as much as 60% going to the organization...not the coach...to pay salaries, creating more product, and then selling back the products to the real estate agents in the organization. Anyone in a one-on-one type scenario such as this is probably spending a lot more than the $12,000 a year to coach.

Is there a better way? The answer is yes.

In large part, that is why I launched Red Hawk Coaching in 2017. I built Red Hawk Coaching not to be based on the bias of one particular real estate brokerage rather to have a focus on the individual client. How can I help that client succeed? Not having the overhead of an organization, I have the capability to provide coaching at a fee that is not punitive to the agent. I have the flexibility of offering coaching on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contracts.

My belief is if I provide you value and you get results, you will continue to work with me. The evidence is in the satisfaction and results of my clients.

What services do I offer:

Group Coaching for Real Estate Agents - 2:00 pm CST on Mondays via Zoom

One-on-One Coaching for Real Estate Agents - 30 Minute, Weekly via Zoom

One-on-One Coaching for Real Estate Brokers/Team Leaders/Office Managers - 30 Minute, Weekly via Zoom

Customized Coaching Programs for Entire Real Estate Office - Call me at 281-387-7689 to discuss this option for your agents.

Is there a better way? Yes. Red Hawk Coaching is an agent-centric, without brokerage bias, real estate coaching company that strives to help agents and brokers soar in business and life.

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Posted by: Jeremy Williams is the owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching based in Houston, Texas. Red Hawk Coaching works with small business owners across our great country to soar in both business and life. Learn more about the coaching services provided by Coach Jeremy Williams.

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