The Power of the Mind and "What If" Thinking

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Are you having "what if this happens" conversations with yourself? These can either be destructive or powerfully fruitful conversations, and both scenarios showcase the power of our thoughts and feelings. It is important to pay attention to our conversations with ourselves. We spend more time with our thoughts and feelings than with anyone else. Evaluate today the energy and time your giving to your thoughts and feelings. Are these thoughts elevating, or are they the millstone around the neck? 

Example: Something happens not quite as expected in the negotiation of a transaction. You allow your thoughts and feelings to go to the "what if this happens" scenario. Your thoughts and feelings are spinning. You become anxious. You start making decisions off something that hasn't even happened. Because you're feeding these thoughts and feelings, now the problem is magnified over something that wasn't even true to begin with, and this leads to making a decision that ruins the negotiation. 

Oftentimes when thoughts and feelings are centered around "what if this happens", we begin to operate in a way that might not be based on the facts or covered in truth. The same thing can happen in relationships. Your thoughts and feelings are that someone feels a certain way about you. You begin to act differently towards the individual in response to these fabricated thoughts and feelings, and you find the relationship strained. The reality is they never thought about you in that way.

Now how can "what if this happens" serve you in a positive way. Example: You have a desire to lose weight, and you start having thoughts and feelings about "what if I workout every day". What would be the end result? What if you spoke this into your life day in and day out, and you acted upon those "what if" thoughts and feelings. My anticipation is that in a relatively short time, you begin to see your health improve. 

As you go throughout your day today and into the week, I want you to evaluate your "what if" conversations. Are they "what if" conversations influenced by positive or negative thoughts and feelings? Evaluate the energy and time given to those internal conversations, and ask if it is serving you well. Do this small exercise, and I guarantee you will have some clarity show up both in business and life. 

Be productive. 

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