Living in Certainty

Have you ever had the feeling while on vacation of wanting to be back home to your own bed? I know I’ve had that feeling after a few days away from home. Some may call me a homebody, though I love to travel, yet I believe that there is a feeling of certainty in being home. It is that familiar feeling.

I share with clients the need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in their business, and over the years I’ve found that to be a necessity for business growth or a life change, yet there is something about finding rest in certainty; that which is familiar. I know certainty allows me to come back to center when I’ve spent too much time in the other extreme. Living and operating in certainty allows rest and recovery because I’m not pushing myself to new limits. I can cruise because I am working from my current operating system.

Some may judge you for this, and say things like, “you’re not living to your full potential”, or “what if you put more effort in”, and frankly who cares what they say. For me, and I’m wondering for you, being in a place of certainty I can find peace, and life is much quieter allowing me to hear that quiet still voice. By the way, some of my best ideas came from a time when I was in a place of certainty in my life. 

Now should you and I always be okay living in certainty? The answer is no because there are always greater things that can be done, and is it okay to take a short break occasionally from always operating in uncertainty. Yes. What gives you that feeling of certainty in your life above and beyond being able to meet your basic needs?



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