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Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate and Small Business Coach It Can't Be Free

There is something I’ve found interesting in my business lately. Business owners questioning my free offers.

When I offer things that are absolutely FREE that can help a real estate agent or small business owner, I will get them asking me questions offline. A recent conversation went like this:

Business Owner: “Hey, Jeremy, what’s the catch for signing up for your FREE Digital Training and Learning platform?”

Me: “None.”

Business Owner: “So I am not obligated to anything, or you’re going to make me buy something?”

Me: “No.”

Business Owner: “Yes, but you ask me for some of my contact information to get access.”

Me: “Yes, it’s a value exchange. You provide me with a couple pieces of information. I will add you to my database. I send other helpful content to you over time, and if you ever decide to hire a coach or know someone I can help, you’d think of me because I’ve been helping you all this time. By the way, do you not build audiences for your business so you can stay top of mind for when someone is ready to make a decision about your service or product?”

Business Owner: “So, what you’re offering is really free.”

Me: “Yes, and if I can help you at a deeper level in your business at any point, I am here for you.”

I believe that small business owners are skeptical of the FREE offerings because it has been jacked up by the gurus that woke up one day thinking they are a coach. Their free offerings always have a catch, or the value exchange is not there and you might feel they weren’t honest. Or, they say it’s free, and it really isn’t. As a business owner, that never has and will never be a tactic of mine. 

People that step into my world will experience value. When I’m hired as your coach, that value exchange becomes much greater for your investment, and you will see a return on that investment.

If you’re a real estate agent, or small business owner that read to the bottom of this, yes, I offer professional coaching services for those that are ready. For those that are not, and you want to step into my circle, connect with me through the free tools offered on my website, RedHawkCoaching.com.

My current offerings include:

  • Access to my FREE Digital Training and Learning Platform. Hours of online training, interviews, podcast episodes, book recommendations, and much more can be accessed on your desktop or mobile device.
  • A tracking sheet with the most important KPI’s for real estate agents. This was a game changer in my personal business, and it has helped many real estate agents over the years.
  • I offer the ultimate cheat sheet including 7 Success Strategies. These also are in my best-selling book Survive Scale Soar, which is not FREE, and can be bought on Amazon.
  • You can even set up a discovery call to get a taste for how I can coach you to results. Yes, that call is FREE. 

Don’t be the one that doesn’t take advantage of the offer out of skepticism. My passion is truly helping others be successful. I know if I can help others get theirs, everything I’ll ever need will be provided.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy 


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Author: Jeremy Williams is the Owner/CEO of Red Hawk Coaching, and #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author.  For more information about coaching opportunities with Red Hawk Coaching, visit www.RedHawkCoaching.com.


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