The Importance of Taking a Time Out - Galveston, TX Spring Break 2019

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When coaching my clients over the years, I've stressed the importance of making sure leisure time and travel is part of your calendar. In fact, scheduling this time should happen before anything else, or you will never take the time out for yourself and family. As important as your work, if not more important, is being refreshed and slowing down to smell the roses. Following time out of work, you will find yourself more productive when you get back, and you will begin to look at things with a different perspective. So make sure you get your next trip booked soon. It may be the thing you need to happen to spark your business and take it to the next level.

Enjoy some of the travel tips I share below of our experience in Galveston.

Travel Tips for Galveston Texas from Spring Break 2019

My family has enjoyed spending a lot of time on Galveston Island over the years. As soon as you make it across the Galveston Causeway, you are officially on "Island Time". The pace of life slows, the salt air feels your lungs, and the soothing crash of the waves on the sandy beaches will lull you to sleep. 



For Spring Break 2019, The Williams family headed for a townhome rented through VRBO located at Doc's Quarters at Karankawa down on the west end of Galveston, Texas. Our townhome set 3 rows back with 2nd and 3rd floor balconies looking out over the Gulf of Mexico. While the first two days of weather allowed for beach time, a late cold front brought weather that kept us off the beach the last 2 days in Galveston. 



Moody Gardens Galveston, Texas

Our family became members at Moody Gardens after our last visit to experience the Festival of Lights and Ice Land, and so we took advantage of our membership to get out of the weather. Our kids love the ropes course, Rainforest Pyramid, and the Aquarium Pyramid. Moody Gardens opened the Ninja Turtles exhibit, and we were sadly disappointed to only see 5-6 turtles. Below are some of my favorite photos from the Rainforest Pyramid. There are no walls/barriers between you and the animals providing an immersive experience. 



Laurie, Logan, and Emma at Moody Gardens - Rainforest Pyramid



White-faced Saki Monkey at Moody Gardens Rainforest Pyramid Galveston, Texas



The color of the Macaws pop in the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX


Places to Eat in Galveston, Texas 



One of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat is the Cajun Greek located at 2226 61st St., Galveston, Texas 77551. The kids enjoyed chicken strips, fries, and corn on the cob. My wife and I love their Tzatziki plate, a blue crab cake (loaded with crab), and hush puppies. The Cajun Greek offers a wide variety of seafood, and they provide great service, and will make you feel welcome. The Cajun Greek is off the beaten path away from the tourist traps.



We've been wanting to try Hubcap Grill for sometime now. When we were visiting the island for the New Year, we did not realize most of the island is shut down on New Year's Day. Hubcap Grill is located at 2021 Strand St. #3, Galveston, Texas 77550. Hubcap Grill offers a variety of hamburgers including the one pictured above; Sticky Monkey Burger - a fresh ground patty, crunchy peanut butter, bacon, American cheese and grilled bananas. For dessert, walk a few blocks down Strand Street to La Kings Confectionery.



You haven't had pizza on the island until you've had Mario's Pizza. There are other locations on the island, and we typically order pizza to pickup at the Pirate's Beach location after a long day at the beach. The West End location is at 13708 Termini San Luis Pass Rd., Galveston, Texas 77554. One tip is to place your order at least one hour in advance of the time you plan to eat. Remember..."Island Time". You can't go wrong with anything from their extensive menu. Seating is limited if you plan on dining in.

More Photos from The Williams Family Spring Break 2019 Trip

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