If I Could Go Back

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If only I could go back...

Have you had this thought whether it be in business or life? If you could go back and do things differently, your outcome would be different.

What if these thoughts were the devil working to create doubt and confusion? Stop worrying about what could have been, and start focusing on what you can do right now! How do you know that God did not have you go through something to draw you closer to Him? Were you right where you needed to be at that time? How do you know that God was not preparing you for that which is greater?

I know my greatest growth came after spending some time in the valley.

I truly believe if we are living out His plan in our life, He has you right where you need to be today.

You are worthy. You are capable. Honor the opportunities in front of you. Pray for discernment.

Keep going and stop trying to turn back the clock. Today is the day.


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