How You React to a Situation Matters

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How do you react to a situation? It matters.

Everyday there are going to be things that just don't go the way you intended. That seems to be the case a lot more lately I truly believe because of the pressure cooker environment created by the virus and geopolitical/social issues. In fact this morning, we found out that our June 2021 cruise has now been cancelled. Our family was really looking forward to this 10 day trip that left Galveston for Key West, Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau aboard the Carnival Radiance.

How did I initially react when I found out? Not well. I have to say I was disappointed. The cancellation stirred the emotions of having all the family members of our home celebrating birthdays essentially in quarantine. It got me thinking about my kids' uncertainty with what schooling is going to look like that is supposed to start August 11th. It got me thinking one more disappointment, one more frustration, and what is next.

For every action there is a reaction, and guess who controls that action and response. Me.

This forced me into asking myself some questions. When you ask your brain a question, it will go out and find the answer. I asked myself, "How are my thoughts and reaction to the cancellation serving me? How does it serve my God? How does it serve my family? How does it serve my business? My attitude did not serve any of the above mentioned well.

Fortunately all these thoughts and reactions were only witnessed by God. I bought myself time to make sure those around me that see my reaction see something much different than what was going through my head initially. While disappointed, the reality is we will book another cruise. There is excitement in the unknown of where the next ship takes our family. God's plan is bigger, and that next trip may be something we underestimated. Reframing this and my reaction matters, it will matter in how I share this information with our kids. It matters.

As a coach, I see where actions taken and responses are out of the norm for an individual when things don't go as planned. I call it the "not so elusive curve balls in business". We are human. We are emotional creatures, and when things don't go as planned, it is easy to tap into the emotion of the situation over the logic necessary to wade through the waters. I've seen businesses collapse because of the response to situations where emotion became the driver, and all solutions to solve a problem went out the window.

If you're a business owner, I encourage you today when things don't work as planned. Slow down, and start asking yourself questions. You are in control of the actions you take and how you respond. The decisions you make matter. People are watching you. The reaction you have in adversity is being watched. You get to choose what that response looks like. You can either approach it as a victim or an overcomer. You are a solution oriented, powerful business owner.

How have you reacted to a challenging situation today? You decide....

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