How to Overcome the Noise as a Small Business Owner

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The noise of the crowd is louder than ever today. How do you stand out as a business owner? You've got to be the loudest and bring the most value. One of the biggest challenges I have in coaching is getting individuals to understand the importance of being in front of past clients and prospective clients all the time through different mediums of marketing.

The pushback I receive is that..."I don't want to bother someone." I challenge that you aren't bothering someone as long as what you bring them is valuable and helps them. To be silent about what you do as a business owner, will only net minimal results in your business.

You can be the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet if no one knows about you, it doesn't really matter.

I challenge small business owners that might not be netting the results they want to look at how you're engaging with your target audience. What mediums are you using to stay in front of them? What is your frequency? The days of sending a newsletter once a month are long gone....the noise is just too loud.

What value is in your deliverable? Does it truly help the person that is the recipient?

These seem like simple questions, and they are often left unanswered. The other fear is that people will be bothered and go away. Great, and they probably were never going to be a customer/client of yours anyways. Go build the tribe of people that are interested in having you help them.

Solve a problem. I see a lot of business owners that will share end result type stuff, especially with social media. For example, a real estate agent shares they closed a home. How much more powerful would it be to share that they closed the home, and also share a problem that they were able to solve to get to the place where the home did close.

Customers/clients want to hire business owners that solve problems.

If you're a small business owner, do an evaluation of your marketing. Are you standing out? Are you bringing value? Also, ask yourself, am I sharing how I can solve someone's problem?

Make these small adjustments in your business, and become the standout you're meant to be as a business owner.

If you are needing help in this area, I can definitely help as a coach that has helped many rise above the noise. Reach out, and we can have a conversation about how that looks in your world.


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