How to Create a YouTube Channel Subscribe Link

By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Are you looking to get more 'Subscribers' to your YouTube Channel? I will share a simple strategy that has been working for me. I will walk you through how to create a link to take people directly to the opportunity to 'Subscribe' to your channel.

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Steps to building your own Subscriber link.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel.
  2. When you visit your channel, your url link auto-generated by YouTube will be at the top of the page. My link for example is:
  3. 3. Add this piece of code to the end of your YouTube channel url. ?sub_confirmation=1

The final link is

When you direct people to this link, they will automatically be asked to 'Subscribe' to your channel. If they choose not to 'Subscribe', they will still land on your Channel. Winning and winning!

To create a more pleasant looking link to share and market, you may consider purchasing a vanity domain at GoDaddy, and then point that url to the link above. My vanity url is

Where should you share this link? Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Email Newsletter, etc. I would also add it to 'Links' under channel customization. Path: Go to your channel. Click on Customize Channel. Click on Basic Info. Add the link. This link will be clickable and found on your channel banner giving visitors to your channel yet another opportunity to subscribe.

When you share future videos, instead of sharing the direct link to your video, share your new subscriber link, and feature the new video content as both the Channel Trailer and Featured Video for Returning Subscribers. For those that have not 'Subscribed', they will be prompted to either 'Subscribe' or 'Cancel'. Either way they will be hit with the new content. For those 'Subscribers' returning to the page, they will see the new content immediately. Path: Go to your channel. Click on Customize Channel. Under Layout, you will see Channel Trailer and Featured Video. Add the newest video to both. You will change this each time you encourage someone to visit your channel to see the newest content.

I trust this helps you and your efforts to grow your YouTube channel. If you are looking for additional help, connect with me at Red Hawk Coaching or on Facebook. Since 2010, I've worked with 100's of real estate agents and small business owners helping them to soar both in business and life.


Posted by: Jeremy Williams is the owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching based in Houston, Texas. Red Hawk Coaching works with small business owners across our great country to soar in both business and life. Learn more about the coaching services provided by Coach Jeremy Williams.

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