Have the Work Ethic of a Turtle

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“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” - Jim Rohn

The turtle did not beat the hare because of the speed. The turtle won because of consistency. Are you being consistent in your activities on a daily basis; especially those activities that drive your business? Consistency in the right things will always win.

Growing up in Central Texas, we had a few "pet" land tortoises collected along the twisting and turning country roads between San Marcos and Wimberley. My brother and I would place the tortoise in the fenced garden area (thinking about that now, probably not the best idea since the garden was essentially a turtle buffet), and then head off to bed. The next morning, we would go out to check on the turtle, and it had escaped.

We would scour the over 5 acres of property covered with Texas Live Oaks. Every single inch of the property we covered meticulously. No tortoise to be found. My brother and I underestimated the capabilities of the tortoise. The ability to dig, and then to cover ground at a slow, consistent pace. Within hours, the tortoise was outside the confines of capture and free once again.

What if you worked with the consistency of the tortoise in your business? What if each day you quietly went about your business doing those most important dollar productive activities that would 10x your opportunities? Would those watching you underestimate your abilities just as my brother and I underestimated the tortoise? Likely.

Stop doing your business haphazardly. Create a plan, implement a schedule, and then get consistent day in and day out. Just like the tortoise, the hare will be confused with your success. Be the tortoise.

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