Growth Requires Change

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One of the challenges you will face as you begin to grow both in business and life is that there are some that won't support the new you. They may use phrases like "you're fake", "why are you acting different", or even "we liked the old you better". Remember that the only thing that is constant in life is change.

To accomplish things that we desire, we've got to be that person necessary to achieve the desired results (this includes reshaping and expanding our mindset). We've got to do the activities required to obtain the desired results, and when our mindset and activities get into alignment, we can finally experience the fruits of our labor.

In this process of growth, you will have people that want to provide their 2 cents. You will have those that want to cling on to the successes your having like a millstone around your neck. You have to decide who you're letting into your 3 ft. circle. Personally this circle has tightened for me over the years. Only eagles soar with other eagles. Avoid the ducks that can congregate in your life if you allow it.

Growth is available for everyone, yet most will get comfortable. Growth is a choice, and it is one you've got to make for yourself.

Make growth choices today.



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