Getting Rid of the Weeds

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Weeds...I despise them. One of the hardest things to keep up with to maintain our yard and flower beds is keeping the weeds out. This is one of the things I leverage out, and the lucky individuals are my kids. This doesn't mean that I don't have to follow up on their work.

In life and business we have weeds, and I divide weeds into two categories; people and our thoughts.

People can be the weeds in your life that choke you out. They can prevent you from growth and success if you allow them to spread their roots in your soil. They can pervade by spreading their negativity, hate, jealousy, and their desire to not see you truly succeed. If you don't believe the last one, I've personally had people tell me they hope I don't succeed. These individuals will intentionally, and at times unintentionally, plant the seeds that can become invasive in our lives and take us off our game.

What do you do with these individuals? You cut the weeds out. You spray them down with a coating of Roundup Weed Killer (please don't take that literally) to prevent them from coming back. They are not going to change their ways for you so stop working to change them. Remove them and watch your energy return. Watch growth happen in your life because you're no longer held back by the people that don't want you to live out a life of happiness and success.

Now the other category of weeds is a lot more sinister. The weeds of the mind. The weeds we create in our own gardens. The weeds of doubt, stress, despair, lack of get the idea. Our thoughts can be dangerous, and with people we can at least visually attest to those weeds. What are you speaking into your own life? What are you allowing into your thoughts only to take root and spread? Are you being the gatekeeper of your own thoughts?

How do you attack the more sinister weeds in the mind?

Have Goals
Eat Right
Build Relationships with Great People
Hire a Coach - Call ME
Get Your Sleep
Work on Your Spiritual Life
Build and Accumulate Wealth - Not Just Financial Wealth

These are just a few of many things that can impact the way that you think. Change your thinking and everything else around you will begin to change. The weeds will be tamed, and you can go about living out your best life.

I encourage you that if you're stuck in the weeds today, make the decision to start removing the weeds of your life. They may come back, and that happens, keep working at it, and you too can break free of the weeds.

I would love to hear how you attend to the weeds in your life and business. Share so others can learn how to manage this real issue.

And if you would ever like to weed my flower beds, I am sure my kids would be happy for your services.

Have a great day, and I believe in you!

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