General Manager of KeyGlee Patricia Juarez Hires Red Hawk Coaching

Patricia Juarez KeyGlee General Manager Wholesale Real Estate Group Greater Houston Texas

My name is Patricia Juarez, I’m the GM with KeyGlee, a wholesale group in the Greater Houston Market and beyond.  I’ve been in Management for over 20 years creating teams that work great under pressure and enjoy serving the client.  There is nothing like being a part and seeing them grow as professionals and individuals.  I do this by showing my team how to create a professional, efficient, and friendly transaction with various people in our market.

I live in a loving home with my husband Juan Pablo Juarez, and my two kids; Gian, who attends Deerwood Elementary, and Giovanna, at Kingwood High School.   We love our home and have dinners by our pool with friends and family.  Our dog Motley and cat Olivia join us in our daily adventures.

I was raised in a family of restauranteurs, naturally, I went into the hospitality industry.  In 2008 I left the restaurant where I had been an assistant GM for 8 years and followed my heart to the family business.  I spent 12 years of my professional career with them building a team that operates like a well-oiled machine creating fabulous dining experiences for the Lake Houston area. 

After Harvey and now Covid I knew God had been trying to open a door for me.  I prayed a lot over my next adventure.  Knowing I have a servant’s heart I knew I still wanted to work with people and find ways to serve them in a different avenue.   During this time God has answered my prayers and brought me an opportunity to both serve my community while doing what I love; work with people to create memorable experiences and build a team that is looking to grow as individuals.  I Pray that I get to meet some of you very soon and be able to build experiences together.


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