Finding Counterbalance with Work and Life | Jeremy and Laurie Go to Las Vegas

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Laurie and I on the gondola ride at The Venetian in Las Vegas.


Seeking Counterbalance in Work and Life


As a business coach, I often have conversations with my coaching clients about seeking counterbalance with work and life. Finding a balance with work and life is a lie many have been told over the years. For those that seek "work-life balance", it is chasing the unicorn, seeking the pot of gold, or finding that leprechauns are real. The attempt to be balanced in work and life adds unnecessary stress because no one can obtain it. You can not give both equal attention at any one time; it's impossible. Counterbalance is what is realistic. Sometimes you will be more in your work world than personal world, and sometimes you will be more in your personal world than work world. It is okay to be in the extremes as long as you are aware, and that you swing the pendulum from time to time. When you are giving attention to your personal world, stay there and be present. The same goes for your work life, and in doing so you will get more done in the time allotted. Schedule a FREE, business strategy call with me today to learn how to achieve counterbalance in your business and life.

Seek counterbalance not "work-life balance". Watch your results increase in your business world, and watch your personal relationships flourish.

Now for more about Jeremy and Laurie's trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.


Jeremy and Laurie Go to Las Vegas


On Sunday, we made the trip for the forth year in a world to Sky Ranch in Van, Texas to drop of our kids for a week at Summer Camp. (Note: If you have kids, and you're considering overnight camp during the summer, I highly recommend Sky Ranch.) After dropping them off, we headed to Dallas, Texas, spent the night, and caught a morning flight out to Las Vegas, Nevada. While I've been there in the last couple of years, it was the first time both Laurie and I traveled to Las Vegas in 15 years. The strip had changed significantly in that period of time. Upon landing we caught a cab, and headed to our home away from home for the week; The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Located mid-strip, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was a great jumping point for the activities pre-planned for the week.


Las Vegas Shows


Paranormal - The Mind Reading Magic Show with Frederic Da Silva



This show took place in a small venue located in Bally's. I would estimate about 100 people, and there were no assigned seats. Frederic performed an hour of mind reading tricks that left us in wonder. The entire show was constant interaction with the crowd bringing up various people that volunteered; and that did not necessarily volunteer. Following the show, Frederic hosted a personal meet and greet, where you continued his mind reading guessing Laurie's number of 77 picked from 1 - 100. We both still have no idea how that happened.


Michael Jackson ONE | Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas



This was the second time for me to see this show and Laurie's first. The Cirque Du Soleil performers were awesome, and the dancing was incredible. The show took you through several years of Michael's music. The venue was loud as speakers are built into the seats. The show continued for 90 minutes, and it was non-stop music and performance. It is a great show, and I enjoyed it even more the second time. This show takes place at Mandalay Bay.


'O' by Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas


I had my doubts about this show because a over zealous waitress that said it put her to sleep. The show, which takes place at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino, was absolutely amazing. A majority of the show revolves around water stunts. The acrobats were some of the best I've ever seen. You do not want to miss this show the next time you're in Las Vegas.


Absinthe by Cirque Du Soleil Las Vegas


This show takes place in a tent located in front of Caesar's Palace. For the price of the tickets, I would have expected a better venue, yet the proximity to the acts and the show made up for the uncomfortable wooden chairs. A warning if you want to watch this show is you can't be offended by some of the content that acts as filler between the acts; strong adult content. Also to avoid becoming part of the show, don't sit within the first few rows of the stage located at the center of the tent. Laurie and I sat in the last row, which was only 11 rows back from the action. There are no bad seats. The acrobats were amazing, and again there are no bad seats so you're right in the action.


Las Vegas Dining


If you're a foodie, Las Vegas is a great place to visit. You don't have to feel guilty about the calories with all the walking you will be doing during your time there. One day we cleared just over 11 miles making dinner at Gordon Ramsey's Steakhouse guilt-free. Here are some of the restaurants we tried while in Las Vegas.


The Palms Las Vegas - Caesar's Palace



Gordon Ramsey's Steakhouse - Paris



Eggslut - Cosmopolitan



The Chandelier Bar - Cosmopolitan



Secret Pizza - Cosmopolitan



The Bellagio (While at Lago, I met Jerry Jones, Owner of the Dallas Cowboys at the bar. You never know who you might run into in Las Vegas.)



District - Cosmopolitan



Learn How You Can Have More Counterbalance in Your Business and Life


Would you like to learn how hiring a coach can help you achieve counterbalance in your business and life? Schedule with a FREE, business strategy call with me today. From the call, you will receive a few strategies to address current challenges in your business, and I will also share with you what coaching might look like in your world. Take advantage of this FREE opportunity. It may be just what you need to change and accelerate you towards your business goals.


Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams
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