Don't Lose Your Dachshund

Don't Lose Your Dachshund Business Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Survive Scale Soar

I’ve been under the weather for several days, and today, no matter the heat or excuse, today I’ve committed time to mow and clean up the yard. When your miniature dachshund is getting lost in the grass, it’s time.

Have you neglected things in life or business that when not tended to become a mountain to climb. I know I have. It doesn’t happen much these days as I’ve begun to pay attention to the lessons I’ve learned, and I have found that tackling something immediately vs. putting it off always seems to have a better outcome.

If today, you have one of those things that you’ve been putting off for whatever reason, maybe it’s time. Don’t metaphorically allow your grass to grow tall enough that it devours your dachshund.

Onward and Upward…

BTW - Nothing beats a fresh cut lawn.


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