Craig Covey Owner of Covey Insurance in Humble Texas Hires Business Coach Jeremy Williams

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I am honored and excited to announce that Craig Covey, owner of Covey Insurance made the decision to hire me as his business coach. We've already had a couple of great conversations leading up to his decision, and I can't wait for our future conversations together. Craig shared with me several stories where he was able to have a big impact with his clients. I could feel the passion in his voice about how important it is for him to be there for his clients. Next Tuesday, the journey begins.

Who is Craig Covey?

My name is Craig Covey and I have been an insurance agent since 2005. I was drawn to insurance by my want to help people. The options I had to help people were good ones, but this one I chose because I felt that I could help the most. I knew that I found what I love to do as we went through Hurricane Ike and then again last year with Hurricane Harvey.

I am about to celebrate 20 years of marriage with my wife and we have 2 great kids, Nick who is off to college this fall, and Kate who is starting her Sophomore year in high school as a cheerleader.

I am not only an insurance agent, I am also a client. I only offer the type of coverage I would cover my own family. June 8, 2016, my wife woke up in the middle of night to the smell of smoke in the house. We are in the kitchen trying to figure out where the smoke is coming from and as I was on my way into the garage came a knock at the door. It was the one of the things you want least to hear in your life. A man and his dog were at our door to tell us our house was on fire! The end of the long story, and the grace that came with it, we moved back in after 10 months and while we want to forget that night, we are happy to be home. What got us back home was having the right coverage. Never did I think that this would ever happen to my family, but it did. Thank goodness we were prepared and had the right insurance coverage to take care of us.

What Types of Coverage Does Covey Insurance Offer?

Whether you need insurance for your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle, trailer, home, condo, or business, connect with Craig and his team today. Craig is even able to provide coverage for those with foreign licenses. Call Craig today at 832-995-5594 or visit the Covey Insurance website.


Connect with Coach Jeremy Williams to learn more about how his coaching services can help you as an entrepreneur S.O.A.R. in both business and life.


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