Coach Jeremy Williams Provides a Recap of 2021

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As 2021 comes to an end in a few hours, it's that time to reflect back on the year. I am thankful for the lessons God showed me even when they might not have been easy. I am thankful for the doors God has opened and the new relationships He's placed in my life. I am also thankful for the doors He has closed. My prayer is that He leads my footsteps in 2022, and I don't rely on my own accord. His plans are always greater.

2021 was an out with the old and a step into the new. We had lived in our previous home for 12 years. It was the home we brought Logan to, and it was the only home Emma can remember as a child. Needless to say many memories were created there. Even with the memories created there, we needed a little more space with Laurie and I working both out of the home, and we made a move back in April. 2021 will mark the start of new memories created in a new location (only a couple miles from where we had lived). While the home was move-in ready, we did recently completely remodel our pool and deck making a great space for outdoor living.

We traveled this year despite the vid, going to Ft. Lauderdale and the Keys, and San Antonio, Texas. This is in alignment of not living in fear and living life. Travel for us is about creating memories through experiences. I even got Laurie to participate in holding an albino alligator. Whether it was a sunset in Key West's Mallory Square or a sunset in the Texas Hill Country after floating the Frio River, we slowed down to watch the sunset. There's a lesson in that, I know.

I wrote an Amazon Best Selling book, Survive, Scale, Soar, this year with the help of Mike Fallat and DreamStarters PublishingThe book is opening new doors for my business, and it was for me a bucket list accomplishment. I am truly proud of what I created, and it is already helping others. That part of my journey is just getting started. I am also grateful for Tony Whatley of 365 Driven Entrepreneurs (also the author of Sidehustle Millionaire) for writing the Foreword for my book and for being my current coach. Also I am thankful for the time I coached with Chad Hyams in 2021. He helped in the final push of my book, and more importantly he helped me see and gain a greater appreciation for what I've accomplished to-date in my life and business. (BTW his book Achieve Your Apex is about to be released, and you should pick it up.)

This year I've read more than ever before. I watch much less TV. Though health has been a struggle for me, 2021 was a year in which I've equipped myself with more tools and knowledge to help me progress, and I've never felt better. A special thanks to Joel Staley for providing some powerful tools.

My priority has been more focused and intentional on impacting those that step into my world and not the masses. I've gone from a big reach, to focus on the small, and this is only preparing the way for BIG things to come in 2022 and beyond. My Inner Circle aka The Soar Society continues to grow. I guess you can say 2021 has been a realignment on what is important vs. what others over the years told me to be important; especially in running a business.

Speaking of my business. I am well into my 4th year. I still have many that think I only coach real estate agents in my local market, and they don't realize my growth both as a coach and business. This year, I've coached business owners in Kingwood, Atascocita, Livingston, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Willis, Conroe, San Marcos, San Antonio, Helotes, Dallas, Philadelphia, Little Rock, Austin, Friendswood, McAllen and Houston. I've impacted over 50 organizations in the last 4 years and are growing. 2022 is going to be a growth year for me. I lay everything at God's feet and ask for His direction and discernment on the next steps. I realize none of this has been possible without Him.

Were there challenges this year, yes. My biggest one has been with people and relationships I thought were solid. Stabbed in the back a couple times, yes, and I've found that to be part of running a business especially when you're having success. It's also why I mentioned the realignment above. I've parted from the old relationships and networks, and I’ve found new networks with like-minded individuals all working to do better and good in our world. I would lie if I were to say when I think about some of these past relationships that I don't feel somewhat bitter, yet instead of dwelling on it, I've used it as fuel to do more. Let me say, I am excited about the new relationships I'm changing relationships.

Again, none of this is possible without God and the discernment He has provided in my life. None of what was achieved in 2021 would have happened without the support of my amazing wife, Laurie, and my two great kids Emma and Logan. None of this could have been done without the alignments I've made with some really amazing people opening new doors. None of this could be done without my amazing clients that trust in me and are doing some really BIG things both in life and business.

2021 was a great year, yet I have to imagine 2022 is going to say, "Hold my beer 2021!"

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy


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