Changing Your Thinking Leads to Different Results

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I can’t…you’re right!

Working with 1,000’s of business owners over the years, there are patterns that you see show up comparing those that have success vs. those who do not. One of the patterns that shows up time and time again is the mindset and spoken word of “I can’t”. 

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

“I can’t” thinking drastically reduces, or in some cases eliminates, your potential. Oftentimes the words “I can’t” are accompanied with the word “because”. “Because” is the excuse. “Because” is the word used to avoid that which may be uncomfortable thus preventing growth.

Have you experienced a phase in your life where you were living out “I can’t because”? I know I have, and it did not serve me or anyone around me well. Even more detrimental is being around people that spoke into me the words “YOU CAN’T”. This only compounds the “I can’t because” thinking. The “I can’t because” thinking leads to the “I can’t because” feelings leads to the “I can’t because” actions and results. Guess the types of results you get in this scenario…not very good ones.

The good news is when you drop the apostrophe and the “t”, everything changes.

  • I can be the best in my profession.
  • I can be the best father.
  • I can be the best spouse.
  • I can be the best friend to someone.
  • I can be the one that helps others.

“I can” thinking leads to “I can” feelings leads to “I can” actions and results. You can only guess what type of results you get in this scenario compared to the latter.

Now what would happen if you changed these to “I am” statements. “I am” statements will create a mindset that is unstoppable.

  • I am the best in my profession.
  • I am the best father
  • I am the best spouse.
  • I am a great friend.
  • I am the one equipped to help others.

If you’re challenged in the way you’re thinking today, and you’re not getting the results you want, are you suffering from “I can’t” or, even worse, “I can’t because” thinking. Move to “I can” thinking, or better yet, “I am” thinking. For those that say to you, “YOU CAN’T”, tell them politely where they can place that sort of thinking.

I work with individuals on shifting mindset on a daily basis. If I can help you, let’s have a conversation today about how a small change in mindset can change the trajectory of both your business and life.


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