If Your Business was a Pepper Plant | Taking Care of Today

If Your Business was a Pepper Plant | Taking Care of Today Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

If your pepper plants were a business…

I was asked an amazing question yesterday when speaking at an event for an organization in Houston. The premise of the question was what do I anticipate happening in the real estate industry in the future? While I have some thoughts and clues which lead me to some generalizations, when I checked my pepper plants this morning, I was reminded of a truth.

I can’t anticipate the health or the output of my pepper plants in the days or weeks to come. What I can do is nourish them daily, and cut back parts of the plant that may be experiencing wilt. I can make sure they are treated to prevent the bugs from devouring the leaves which brings the plants life. My anticipation is that the plants thrive and produce, yet the only thing I can control is how I take care of them today so they have the best chance to produce in the future.

Is your business not the same? Sure, you can anticipate and pivot and align yourself to navigate the waters of uncertainty to a higher degree, yet what you truly have control over is the activities you commit to in your business today. Are you tending to your business? Are you nurturing lead flow by prospecting? Are you pruning the excess expenses that provide no ROI?

Your business is like a pepper plant in a garden needing care today so that the anticipated production happens down the road. In a world where we want instant gratification, know that lasting success takes work and time to build. It does not happen overnight.

Can this not apply to weight loss, building relationships that are deep and meaningful, or investing time in someone so they experience the fruits you get to experience? Yes, the pepper plant too can be a teacher both in business and life.

And, I can’t wait for the day to make fresh salsa, and until then I tend the garden and the business.


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