Business is in the Follow Up

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It is amazing that there are some small business owners that are great at lead generation, yet horrible on the follow up. Business is always found in the follow up.

Last week, I placed a call with custom fence company to build a gate for our staircase to prevent our dogs from accessing upstairs unaccompanied and a modification to an outdoor gate that our dachshund can escape. The owner listened to my specific needs, and he said they would be able to customize a solution to solve both our problems. An appointment was set for Wednesday, yesterday, at 10:00 am.

Both my wife and I rearranged our schedules to be available. They were a no show. I called the company, and no one answered. I left a message giving the benefit of the doubt that something came up outside their control. The call has yet to be returned.

We made the decision to call another company that offered similar solutions. This company had an automated system that you had to listen to, and then a "please hold for our next representative" prompt. It finally dumped me into their voicemail, which was obviously the voicemail for calls received while closed on the weekend. Again it was Wednesday. The voicemail indicated they would call the next day; I'm guessing Monday. No return call.

Here we are a ready, willing, and able buyer that now is seeking a third company to solve the two issues we have. Remember there is money exchanging hands everyday in the market place, and often times you can find yourself in the middle of it if you just follow up.

I hear lead generation is so important, yet very few have the conversation about what is even more important, and that is lead follow up. Make sure you've got lead follow up systems in place otherwise someone else will swoop in and take that opportunity.


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