Backyard Pitmasters BBQ Classes Brisket-U at Galveston Island Brewery

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A couple of weeks ago, Real Estate and Small Business Coach, Jeremy Williams, Owner of Red Hawk Coaching was joined by Mitch Schwartz, REALTOR® brokered by Keller Williams The Marketplace in Las Vegas and Tim Larson, REALTOR® and KW Commercial brokered by Keller Williams Clear Lake NASA for a Backyard Pitmasters BBQ Classess Brisket-U class at Galveston Island Brewery.

The three hour class focused on how to pick your brisket, how to properly trim the brisket, and how to cook the brisket. The instructor did a deep dive into the technical aspects to make sure the brisket comes out of the cooker to perfection. During the class we were able to sample brisket tacos made from the trimmings, and at the end of the class was able to sample cuts from the flat and point. 

During the class, the bar was open to partake in the unique craft beers on tap at Galveston Island Brewery.

BBQ Pitmaster Classes can be taken in Austin, Bryan-College Station, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas. They also provide classes in Nashville, TN.  They also offer a variety of classes that focus on pork, chicken, wild game, ribs, seafood, and more.

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