A Change in Strategy

Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams

If you've not read the book Blue Ocean Strategy, I recommend it. The premise of the book is that most business owners will operate in a blood red ocean filled with hungry and aggressive sharks. In this ocean, the competition is fierce and growing a business in this type of environment can be very challenging if not impossible. Everyone is after the same thing as opposed to those that seek a blue ocean strategy. The blue ocean represents a space of very little competition, or a service or product that does that yet exist that solves a particular need. 

What ocean are you operating in today? How do you pivot so you can seek out and experience what can happen in a blue ocean strategy? One thing you can take action on today to start down this path is hiring a Real Estate Coach like myself. Are you ready to experience what it would be like to operate in a blue ocean? Connect with me today.


Connect with Coach Jeremy Williams to learn more about how his coaching services can help you as an entrepreneur S.O.A.R. in both business and life.

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