The 5 Stages of Grief – Anger

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Yesterday, I focused on Denial which acts as a mechanism to handle and absorb what we are experiencing in our lives. Today I will dive into the next stage of the 5 Stages of Grief; Anger.

This last week in Texas, many individuals lost personal property from the damage created by the storm. Some of the damage is repairable, while others lost personal effects that can never be replaced. Whether it is going through an experience of property loss, loss of a loved one, divorce, or some other challenge, it is common to experience anger. This is not an abnormal emotion. Experiencing the anger is simply a process that is experienced to help adjust to a new reality. Anytime you have a change in reality it can create discomfort and trigger a pain point. The emotion of anger is an outlet to the feelings we have inside, and it can be relatable to a teapot releasing steam.

Anger doesn’t require vulnerability, and socially anger is generally accepted over admitting to having fear or being weak. Anger is simply an expression of a bottled up emotion that those who witness often refrain from judgement or rejection. Anger can create the internal feeling of being isolated from the world, and others may be cautious in your presence, which can fuel the isolation in a time when comfort and reassurance is needed. (Side Note: If you have the experience of being in the presence of somebody that is angry, it may be a cry out for help.)

Don’t dismiss the emotion of anger. It is natural and part of the process of dealing with loss. For those dealing with loss, know you’re not alone, and know that it is okay experiencing anger; you just can’t stay there. Tomorrow I will dive into bargaining.

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