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2 Ears to Hear 1 Mouth to Speak Communication Strategies Red Hawk Coaching Jeremy Williams

God provided 2 ears to hear and 1 mouth to speak…

Have you ever shared something with somebody, and based on how the other individual took what you said, you might as well have spoken to them in a foreign language? It happens all the time whether with your spouse, kids, clients, fellow colleagues, etc. Though it is frustrating in your mind, the speaker, here are some reasons it might happen.

The individual you’re talking to is not actively listening, their mind is on a different wavelength distracted by their own thoughts, they may have a different agenda for the conversation, or it may even be their ego not wanting to hear what you say.

How do you overcome this as the speaker?

First, the speaker has the power to choose how to react to the feedback. No one controls your reaction to the internal feedback loop that is happening other than you. How you react matters.

Where there is confusion, clarify. Based on how someone processes what you say, there will be a reaction whether verbally or with body language. While verbal response can be obvious, body language can say so much more. Bring clarity to what you said which may require restating what you said in a slightly different way. Add additional detail to support the thought you’re working to convey.

Others may respond assuming in their mind they truly understand what you’re saying. If it is not what you were working to convey, don’t allow their assumption to exist. What you say matters, and there is often intention whether the message is a thought from the conscious or subconscious. Be able to stand firm in what you say even if it requires a Fierce Conversation as Susan Scott would say.

Communication can be tricky. It takes a skilled speaker and an active listener to make it work. I know personally, I’m not perfect in either skill as no one is. Does that mean you and I can throw up our hands in an effort to improve our communication skills? Absolutely not. It’s a work in progress, and you and I are beautifully equipped  and wonderfully made by God with two ears and one mouth so that we can be in conversation together.

Have you had a situation where you said something, and you were misunderstood?


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