10 Things that Top Real Estate Agents Do in Their Businesses

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Over the past 12 years, Tony DiCello has logged over 22,000 coaching calls as a one-on-one coach for MAPS Coaching, working specifically with top producing agents and teams, with an emphasis on effective and efficient strategies to increase closed transactions and avoiding pitfalls in real estate sales. His current focus is to coach clients on how to prosper in the ever-shifting real estate market. Tony’s practical, here’s-what-to-do style has benefited thousands. . As a national and international speaker and educator he is well informed and networked in markets throughout the United States. He has been in real estate sales, brokerage management and real estate development throughout the past 39 years. His sales career was completed in Boulder, CO. He was in Re/Max’s Top Ten Internationally and the United States, received the Re/Max Lifetime Achievement Award, and is a member of the Re/Max Hall of Fame. Tony is an investor in several Keller Williams Market Centers and a partner in the South Florida Region for Keller Williams Realty.

1. Desire to succeed at a HIGH level.

Know your BIG Why. The BIG Why is about having a purpose, a mission, or a need, that in turn gives you focus. p. 72 MREA

Look at and re-evaluate your vision. Ask yourself the following question. “If I had __________, I would ____________ .

Always think BIGGER. Think small, and you will get small results.

2. Do whatever it takes.

Do what you don’t want to do.

Do what is uncomfortable.

Do it quickly.

3. Make sure that you follow a time-blocked schedule.

Plan your vacation first.

Make sure you have time to plan on your calendar.

Lead generate in the morning.

The following things are the only things you should time block. Lead Generation, Lead Follow-Up, Appointments, Negotiate Contracts, Script Practice

The more disciplined you are with managing your time, the more freedom you will have.

4. Be willing to fail at a really high level.

Always fail forward.

Do something...then adjust…do something...then adjust.

5. Focus on 2 - 4 lead generation systems.

Have your read the MREA? If not, read it.

Focus on your database.

Organize your database.

Grow your database.

Stay in touch with your database. (Make sure that your contacts are on a 33 Touch system.)

Grow your database to 1,000 contacts.

Only do an open house if you do it to the 5th Level. Otherwise, don’t waste your time. p. 71 SHIFT

A farm for a mega agent should contain several thousand.

6. Use a strong question-based listing presentation.

Your listing presentation should only be 10 - 30 minutes.

Those that control listings are in control of the market.

You should have a conversion rate of at least 80% from listing presentation to signed agreements.

Practice your scripts. Don’t practice on your clients.

Price listings to sell.

Tell the truth about price. Price it so that it sells in 30 days are less.

7. Be willing to hire staff to help.

Hire help early in the game.

Your first admin should have an AVA with a high vector 1 and 4.

Take RSTLM (Recruit Select, Training, Leadership, and Motivation) at least 12 times.

Make sure you have your MVVBP (Mission, Vision, Vaules, Beliefs, and Perspectives)

You must be willing to let go of tasks.

Suggested hiring pattern. Admin, Admin, Showing Assistant, Buyer’s Agent - You hire the Showing  Assistant when you are too busy with buyers.

As you get BIG, you must have an ISA (Inside Sales Agent).

8. Network with other top agents.

Make sure you Mastermind with other top agents. If you are not invited to a Mastermind, create one.

Network with other business owners.

Call a millionaire. Everyone is afraid to call them, so they are available.

9. Watch your money.

Know your numbers on a weekly basis.

Have 3 - 6 months reserve.

Tony suggests Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.

10. Work from a business plan.

We are in a lag business. Plan your budget in October for the next year.

Your business plan must be written, or you don’t have a business plan.

Follow the 4 models. p. 123 MREA - Economic, Lead Generation, Budget, Organizational

Utilize the 1-3-5 as a planning tool. One goal, three priorities, five strategies.

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